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Establishment of the Faculty of Science was approved by Council of Higher Education in 2014. Educational activities in 100% German language have been carrying out since the 2016-2017 academic year in Department of Materials Science and Technology and in the following years in Departments of Molecular Biotechnology, Energy Science and Technology with a constantly rising and developing speed and acceleration. Department of Materials Science and Technology had the first graduates at the graduation ceremony held on 02.09.2021. Moreover, in the same year Materials Science and Engineering Master’s Program started graduate admission under TGU, Graduate School of Science and Engineering. The studies of other departments to open graduate programs are also continuing rapidly.

The Faculty of Science aims to carry studies in the field of fundamental sciences and technology to an interdisciplinary platform with Faculties of Engineering and Social Sciences in cooperation with Germany and aims to educate qualified human resource with necessary knowledge who responds to the needs of local-global sector through original research projects.

TGU cooperates with a private consortium built in Germany to support the university. In this consortium, University of Potsdam is responsible of the Faculty of Science. In the applied model, Consortium of German Universities has a representative in faculty as faculty coordinator and in department as department coordinator. This model takes the international qualification of the university into account and academic decisions are handled within the scope of mutual cooperation.

Successful students obtain the opportunity for a short-term study at partner German universities. The Faculty has academic cooperation agreements with University of Potsdam, TU Chemnitz, TU Darmstadt, TU Berlin, TU Braunschweig and Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin. Partner universities and research centers support the faculty by sending visiting professors from abroad, organizing summer schools, student exchange programs, designing curriculum and establishing double degree and joint project opportunities. Each department has academic staff with capable of lecturing in Turkish, English and German languages. 30% of the courses are conducted by the academic staff from the partner universities.

Faculty’s academic staff consists of members who are experts in their fields and eligible for interdisciplinary works. Academic staff, graduated from distinguished universities of Turkey and Germany, engages in highly qualified scientific activities at national and international levels in the fields of materials science, metallurgy, polymers, energy storage, bioinformatics, molecular biology and molecular modelling. In addition, faculty academic staff conducts nationally and internationally supported projects under Dijitalpark Teknokent, which was cofounded by TGU, and works for the establishment and operation of the International Surface Research and Innovation Center.

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